Monday Eight: Jane's Third Location Will Be … KFC/Taco Bell!

Plus Cadence and The Brown Jug announce their respective closures, and a couple of solid long-reads about farmers markets in S.F. and the unfair treatment of farm workers in California.

[jump] Cadence to Close July 2
Eater reports that ambitious Mid-Market restaurant Cadence (1446 Market) will close as of July 2 after only six months in business. (The adjacent bar and jazz club, Mr. Tipple's Recording Studio, will stay open.) A message from owner Jay Bordeleau implied that it might have been doomed from the start, citing construction costs that ran high before the restaurant even opened (which is too bad, because Cadence's interior is quite audacious, and I enjoyed Chef Joey Elenterio's high-concept presentations immensely). 

Jane Bakery's Third Location Will Fill the KFC/Taco Bell Vacuum
Praising strip malls, Jane owner Amanda Michael told Hoodline that the signature chicken bucket (which is currently creepily blacked out) will make a return in some form. The former fast food location at 1881 Geary will be the third Jane, after the Pacific Heights and and Tenderloin locations. Look for bread and pastries sometime in September, if all goes according to plan.

The Brown Jug Busted for Selling Stolen Booze
Really great hyper-dive The Brown Jug (496 Eddy) was permanently closed late last week after, as Hoodline reported, “an undercover agent attempted to sell purportedly stolen alcohol to the bar and buy drugs” four times in five months. Owner Max McIntire can transfer his liquor license to another physical address, or a new bar can go in and wait a year to apply for a license, but it's pretty clear that the Brown Jug is history.

Are We at Peak Farmers Market?

On a national basis, only four percent of the population routinely shops at farmers markets, Hoodline notes, although in S.F. the figure is higher. In a well-reported long-read, it asks the question, “Does S.F. have too many?” and answers it by interviewing Chef Laurence Jossel of Nopa, reps from CUESA and the Agricultural Institute of Marin, and (of course) some farmers to determine why some markets succeed where others fail.

Chief Sullivan's Softly Open in North Beach
Well, basketball season is over, but there's a new sports bar softly open in North Beach that . Hoodline reports that Chief Sullivan's (622 Green) should be fully up and running in the next couple of weeks, kitchen and all.

Starbucks Is Basically a Bank
So says Huffington Post, which notes that the total value of cash on all the world's Starbucks cards totals some $1.2 billion, or one-tenth of Paypal, which is actually a business designed to transfer cash.

Reality Czech All Summer Long
Chef Mike O'Brien of The Monk's Kettle (3141 16th St.) has created a “Sandwich & Reality Czech” lunchtime special that is as seasonal as seasonal gets. Starting today (the summer solstice) and running Mondays through Thursdays from noon to 4 p.m. until the autumnal equinox in September, you can get any sandwich on the menu, including the burger, paired with a 16-oz. pour of Moonlight Brewing's Reality Czeck for only $20.

A Brief History of Labor Exploitation in California Agriculture
Another long read from the weekend, this Salon story contextualizes the failure of AB 2757, a state bill that would have made farm workers eligible for overtime pay after working eight hours — just like workers in all other industries in California. It's a bit wonky but nonetheless a great look at why it's so difficult for a progressive state to apply the same standards to all.

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