Monday Eight: Salsipuedes Has Closed

Plus the Bayview gets a Starbucks, and Alamo Drafthouse serves a five-course Big Lebowski dinner.

[jump] Salsipuedes Throws in the Towel
Although not nearly as large or prominently located as Caputo, the Italian restaurant that closed the week before after a mere six months or so in business, Oakland's considerably more experimental Salsipuedes (4201 Market) has shuttered after eight months. For now, the 35-seat restaurant will be open for pop-ups and other events, until the principals figure out what to do. Too bad.

Big Lebowski Chef Dinner at Alamo Drafthouse
On Monday, May 16, at 8 p.m., the Alamo Drafthouse will serve a five-course dinner inspired by The Big Lebowski. At this, the third in the theater's series, you can eat a “Donny’s Ashes” (Folgers coffee-rubbed pork shoulder, ashed onion puree, scattered hash browns, and a quail egg), a “Bunny in the Sun” (cold-smoked rabbit loin, edible flowers, smoked grapes, sunchokes, fennel, chive blossoms, and sunflower seeds)  a “That’s a Good Burger, Walter” “Shut the Fuck Up, Donny” (a double-double slider served animal-style, with fries), a “Sioux City Sarsaparilla-Glazed Brisket” (watermelon rind relish, fava beans, and succotash) and a “Nihilism vs. Dudeism” (lingonberry pancakes with white Russian custard). 

One Market's Weekend Beast Is Back
Chef Mark Dommen’s weekday dinner special, in which he puts his butchery acumen to good use, will transition to weekends. With appetizers, entrees and desserts prepared from the same animal expert butchery skills and introduce guests to unique preparations of a different animal each week. It's going to run through November, but the lineup for May and June is as follows:
May 6-7: Lamb, Emigh Ranch
May 13-14: Duck, Sonoma County Poultry
May 20-21: Fore Quarter, Marin Sun Farms
May 27-28: Pig, Devils Gulch Ranch
June 3-4: Goat, Emigh Ranch
June 10-11: Veal, Rossotti Ranch
June 17-18: Lamb, Marin Sun Farms
June 24-25: Duck, Sonoma County Poultry

The Bayview Gets a Starbucks
I was recently in Bushwick, Brooklyn and saw that an Edible Arrangements had opened, and I almost died of an infarction on the spot. So news that Starbucks is coming to 3801 Third Street gives me mild angina at best. Hoodline notes that the existing merchants and Sup. Malia Cohen seem to be cool with it.

Inner Sunset House of Hot Pot Nabe to Open Marina Location
The four-year-old Nabe (1325 Ninth Ave.) will open a second location at 2151 Lombard, and the renderings that Hoodline got look very Japanese-minimalist.
SouveNEAR Vending Machines Appear at The Yard and at The Hall
But don't look for Almond Joy. These machines stock locally made goods (ranging from $5-$40) like greeting cards, screenprinted shirts, chocolates, and dog treats. According to Hoodline, the chocolates at The Hall go well with beer.

What Did Prince Like to Eat?
Bravo's Tamara Palmer inquires, and finds that the deceased rock star and notable vegetarian liked “edamame dumplings, corn tortillas, minestrone, spicy food and Indian cuisine” and dessert, and hated onions and feta. Prince went through a raw-food phase and if his staff found one pepper remaining on his plate, they knew that was a signal to quit it already with the peppers.

B-52's Fred Schneider Versus Monster Energy Drink
Fred Schneider of the B-52's owns a small coffee company called Monster Coffee. According to the New York Post (I know, I know) Monster Energy is going after him for trademark infringement, but Schneider claims the name comes from his song “Monster,” which got banned by MTV. (How quaint!)

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