Monday Eight: Your Bartender Will Be Watching You

Plus And Burger King starts selling hot dogs tomorrow.

[jump] Bartenders Might Compelled to Cut You Off Under Penalty of Law
Unless you're at some high-volume club, any bartender with a brain and a conscience knows to do this already, but California might soon follow 18 other states and require that bartenders cut off drunk patrons. According to CBS, AB 2121, which wouldn't go into effect until July 1, 2020, would essentially fold this into the training bartenders already undergo in order to work legally in the state. In other words, prospective bartenders will learn about alcohol's social effects and how to refuse aggressive patrons. What AB 2121 does not do, however, is add any additional criminal liability to sellers of alcohol if a drunk person later gets behind the wheel and causes an accident.

Yelp Employee Writes Open Letter to CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, Gets Fired
A 25-year-old, minimum wage employee of Yelp/Eat24 named Talia Jane posted an almost-2,500-word open letter to CEO Jeremy Stoppelman on Friday, noting that she's about one paycheck away from total disaster — or was, cause she got shitcanned before 6 p.m. the same day. Now, I have every sympathy in the world for hard-working people earning peanuts, but ouch, running this idea by a friend or two ahead of time might have saved her a world of hurt. There have been other, way worse examples than this one lately, but people: The open letter is a despised medium, passive-aggressive almost by design, and mixing sincerity and sarcasm will almost always erode the moral high ground right out from under you. Still, if your heart goes out to Talia Jane, she's got a PayPal.

Oro Will Open for Lunch as of March 8
Jason Fox's Oro, the excellent Mint Plaza restaurant with inclusive pricing, will roll out a Monday-Friday, 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. lunch menu as of Tuesday, March 8. (If it's warm, you can eat on the patio.) Look for entrees like carrot cappelletti (with fresh curds, peas, and whey broth), smoked brisket (with cauliflower slaw, mustard, and a pretzel roll) and a burger with charred onions, Gruyere, and house-made pickles.
Oro, 8 Mint Plaza, 415-974-1212 or

Bean There Closes in Lower Haight
I'm noticing a trend: Cafes that feel like the '90s and have names that pun on coffee-related topics are doing badly. The latest evidence: Bean There in the Lower Haight, which had bean there since about 1995, is now closed, according to Hoodline. Second-wave coffee is undergoing a mass extinction event.

…As Will the Castro Samovar
Hoodline also notes that the Samovar Tea Lounge on Sanchez and 18th streets will become a Le Marais Bakery. There's no hard date yet, but it's part of a revamp that will see the chain open a location near Yerba Buena that's more like the minimalist Valencia Street Samovar that opened in 2014.

Lucky Penny Parking Lot Curiously Full
The ever-plucky SF Citizen, whose snide asides at the since-shuttered Lucky Penny Diner are matched only by his concern that people running across Masonic Ave. to the adjacent Trader Joe's not get killed by passing traffic on a blind hill, noticed that the diner's parking lot is full. Very full. Prolly cause there's never anywhere to park at Trader Joe's.

Quicksilver Dispatch
While the nation's attention is still focused on lead contamination, there is another major problem with the water supply: mercury. And it's found in high levels in the Colorado River, where much of California derives its water from. Weirdly, according to Salon, it's not because of leaching from old mines in the Rockies, but because the mountains are so high in elevation that they absorb mercury from the upper atmosphere.

Just a Reminder. Burger King Starts Selling Hot Dogs Tomorrow
Will we look back and say, “How did we live before this?”

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