Monday Five: McQuade's Chutney Tasting, Feed Your Xmas Tree to Goats

Plus Guy Fieri wants a divorce from Johnny Garlic, a gigantic food court fight in California's saddest city, and there is now a cauliflower shortage.

[jump] McQuade's Chutney Tasting at Rainbow
It's a pretty quiet week for food news, but if your pantry is depleted from all the holiday cooking, you can stop by Rainbow Grocery this Wednesday, Dec. 30 from 1-4 p.m. for a tasting of McQuade's Celtic Chutney, specifically persimmon habanero, fig ginger, and apple ale.

Feed Your Xmas Tree to Goats
The SFFD and a goat-fueled landscaping business in the Bayview called City Grazing are accepting up to 20 de-ornamented Xmas trees per day, or 160 altogether between now and mid-January. According to NBC, “The trees provide vitamins, minerals and are believed to offer natural intestinal worm prevention for the herd.” Personally, I like biking to work behind a fragrant Recology truck full of soon-to-be-composted Douglas firs, but this sounds pretty cool.

A Stockton Mall Brawl
Food fights are pretty fun, but when they involve several dozen people, you should probably back away. Over the weekend, a group of 50 teenagers at Stockton's Sherwood Mall got into a big tussle at the food court, according to Fox.

Guy Fieri Wants to Close Johnny Garlic's
Eater National reported late last week that Guy Fieri wants to close all seven California locations of his chain Johnny Garlic's, most of which are in the Bay Area's exurban fringe, but his business partner is suing him to keep them open. Could Fieri be embarrassed of his first efforts toward megastardom? 

There is a Cauliflower Shortage
Cold weather and high demand have conspired to send the price of cauliflower higher than it's been in years. The suddenly sexy cruciferous vegetable is now selling for $5 a head, according to Quartz. You can blame paleo pizza fanatics. Or, you know, trendiness generally.

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