Monday Nine: Smitten Ice Cream (And Possibly Burma Superstar) Expand

Plus a hard look at sulfites in wine, at least one Kroger takes an enlightened approach to bathroom use by gender, and tony Jackson, Wyo. gets a vertical garden over some opposition.

[jump] Santana Row Gets a Smitten Ice Cream
Santana Row is the outdoor mall near the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose that has a Container Store and an Ann Taylor LOFT. And now sometime this summer, according to Inside Scoop, Smitten Ice Cream will open its ninth location there.

Nostra Spaghetteria on the Market
Capp Street Crap reported late Friday afternoon that Alexander Alioto's Nostra Spaghetteria and Bar Mia is up for sale, less than a year after he changed it from Plin, which was itself open for only a short time. One of the many upscale restaurants experiencing trouble along the west side of Valencia, which has seen plenty of churn these past few years, Nostra Spaghetteria has plenty of company. But this particular space seems cursed: Before Plin, it was Thai restaurant Another Monkey, and Conduit before that.

Is Burma Superstar Opening a Fourth Location in Mid-Market?

Hoodline seems to think so. The evidence? A pop-up art gallery called 5 Months has Burma Superstar as a landlord, its donated tenure is up at the end of the month, and it appears that a restaurant of some kind is going in. If so, cool!

All About The Wok Shop
This is a fun profile of a Chinatown kitchenware store. The Wok Shop (718 Grant) has been around for almost half a century, and Hoodline checks out why it's lasted so long. (Helping long-distance customers over the phone with questions about seasoning their pan helps.)

A Vertical Garden Grows in Wyoming
A three-story vertical garden on a 4,500-square-foot lot with a retail market inside it in Jackson, Wyo., will eventually produce up to 100,000 pounds of produce a year. According to the New York Times, although Wyoming is pretty chilly (and also very arid) Vertical Harvest won a lot of private and public funding. While it's secondary to the main thesis, there's also an angle where two plucky, young-ish women won over a cranky old Tea Party guy who initially poo-pooh'ed the idea.

The Internet of Things Meets Wine
The Verge has a rundown of the Kuvée Bottle, a “gloriously dumb” wifi-enabled bottle-and-cartridge product. What does it do? “When you put in a new cartridge, the bottle will detect what you're drinking and display a digital label on its touchscreen. It has everything you'd expect to find on a wine's label, like a logo, the grape, and alcohol content, plus a bunch of background information. You can also see photos of who made the wine, read pairing notes, and get full details on the wine's makeup. It'll even estimate how much wine you have left in the bottle.”

Are Sulfites OK?
And speaking of wine, are sulfites bad for you? Not really, according to Food and Wine. They're present in minute concentrations compared to dried fruit, and there's no evidence to support the idea that they worsen hangovers. Moreover, doing without them renders winemaking tricky: “The risk of bacterial or microbial infection is vastly increased…Adverse effects vary in their seriousness—wines made without SO2 can have slightly wild, 'funky' aromas, which prompt the same love/hate reaction as a ripe/stinky cheese. 'Mousiness' is another matter—the curse of the “no-SO” winemaker, this characteristic, feral finish is undetectable on the nose, but hangs around on the palate and can easily render a wine undrinkable.”

Animal Rights Protesters Disrupt Easter Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral
Whoa. According to the Daily News, people shouting “Easter is a time for love. No more shedding animal blood” barged into New York's cathedral, protesting Easter because people eat ham.

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