Monday Seven: Starline Social Club Goes Burmese

Plus a North Beach deli returns, “monster ramen” in the Richmond, a prominent conservative tweets something really dumb and racist about a day that will live on in infamy, and an interview with one half of Ben & Jerry's.

[jump] Starline Social Club Is Switching to Burmese Food
The wonderful, two-floor music venue and bar-restaurant Starline Social Club is expanding its hours and refocusing its kitchen to Burmese cuisine. It sounds a little random for a business that wasn't particularly focused on one thing to begin with, but Inside Scoop has read the proverbial tea leaves (which, in this case, are fermented) and it seems well-thought-out. As of this Wednesday, Dec. 9, Starline will largely absorb the menu of nearby Burmese restaurant Grocery Cafe. It'll be worth checking out on the basis of curiosity-satisfaction alone.
Starline Social Club, 2236 M.L.K. Jr. Way and 645 West Grand Ave., Oakland,

Magnolia Brewery Files Chapter 11
According to the Business Times, Magnolia Brewing Co. has filed for bankruptcy. The company, which began in 1997 and now includes the Haight Street brewpub as well as the much-bigger Smokestack at Magnolia Brewing in the Dogpatch, promises that patrons won't notice any changes as it works its way out of an “unsustainable” debt-to-cash situation. While Magnolia can now produce far more beer than previously, the dynamics of the craft beer industry are changing under its feet. Mega-breweries are snapping up the micros, and there are simply more producers than ever before: Half of California's 600 craft breweries are less than three years old.

Happy Hour at Reverb
Russian Hill's Reverb Kitchen and Bar (which was Verbena until the spring of this year) has launched a new happy hour menu with $7 seasonal cocktails, $5 wine and beer, and snaks like kabocha tots with cheese and beer mustard or deviled eggs with crispy onions, beet pickles, and dill. Anytime there's a $7 Negroni, we're there.
Reverb Kitchen and Bar, 2323 Polk, 415-441-2323 or

Gepetto Is Back
After an absence of about a year (during which time it racked up some complaints from neighbors), Gepetto Delicatessen is back. According to Hoodline, the North Beach sandwich shop and deli is open during the day (11 a.m. – 5 p.m.), with longer hours expected once the owner beefs up the staff. 
Gepetto Delicatessen, 658 Vallejo, 415-291-8811.

Monster Ramen in the Richmond
According to Eater, there is a ramen joint on Balboa serving “monster ramen.” Unrelated to Hawker Fare, Hawker Eats has hand-drawn menus, roasted-corn tea, and an Ebirah bowl made with lobster, mussels, and scallops. It's two people's labor of love, and at this point, Hawker Eats occasionally closes early when they run out of food.
Hawker Eats, 1650 Balboa, 415-221-6288.

An Interview with Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's 
Salon spoke with Ben Cohen, who's currently touring the country with a jam band called Donna the Buffalo to talk about campaign finance reform. This chat doesn't get into the realm of food at all, but Cohen's an interesting guy who can make a dry topic sound urgent. It's pretty clear he's feeling the Bern.

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