New Tees from 4505 Meats Portray Pork as Chic, Sexy

The first tee-shirt we ever bought as an expression of cultural affinity: a picture of a burning police car during the White Night Riots, with the imperative “Fight Back!” scrawled below. We wore it until the neck detached in places.

Local slinger of pork products 4505 Meats has come up with three new tee-shirts to let you express your own affinity with butchery. “Bacon is the New Black,” declares one. Another is emblazoned with 4505's knife-bearing escutcheon, while a third 9pictured) makes an explicit connection between pork rinds and chesty schoolmarms. (We don't get it either, except as an excuse to wear a garment emblazoned with a chesty schoolmarm.) Each is $25, available from 4505's Web site.

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