Next Week: Tillamook's Grilled Cheese Tour Takes Over San Francisco

Tillamook cheese kicked off its S.F. Loaf Love Tour with a stop at, duh, the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen.

The American's Commander-in-Cheese, Heidi, got the party started with a reveal of its new sandwich, the mac 'n' cheese grilled cheese. Take that in for a second. Okay, now we can proceed. She was quick to mention that the American didn't invent this concept, but was hoping to make a second appearance on This Is Why You're Fat. The sandwich came about because of a love the staffers share for tinkering in the kitchen. One employee known for particularly wacky inventions emerged from the test kitchen one day with a mac 'n' cheese sandwich. “Look what I made!” she exclaimed, and they were all very impressed. Oh, and they wanted to share it with us. Sweet.

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