Nextdoor's Free Cheese Offer Sparks Lengthy, Heated Debate

If you were concerned about the state of San Francisco’s personality becoming diluted and boring, look no further than a Nextdoor post about spoiled cheese from November 14 for assurance that this city is more itself than ever.

It’s a wild ride from start to finish.
Ami from Duboce Triangle took to the popular neighborhood-networking site to inform the cheese-loving folks of S.F. that they were in possession of less than half a bag of taco blend cheese, up for grabs should anyone be hankering for a homemade quesadilla. With no bites (ha!), Ami was forced to update neighbors that the cheese was no longer viable.

Then things took on a life of their own, as if a particularly spirited strain of yeast had powered the thread itself. For the past week, fellow Nextdoor users have had a field day sharing their opinions on this momentous occasion. Reactions ranged from shaking fingers at consuming animal products to earnest displeasure of people using the site to discuss topics besides crime and other things that make everyone sad. It’s a pretty realistic snapshot of San Francisco’s most colorful characters, playing fast-and-loose with a de fact reply-to-all.

But the real highlight of the 91 comments (and counting) was the exceptional cheese puns. Neighbors banded together to fight the naysayers using wordplay as their weapons. “Cheesus Christ”, having a “gouda” time, “nacho type of post” — it’s a veritable utopia of cheese-themed dad jokes. This city’s sense of humor comes through loud and clear, and is frankly a nice reprieve from all the depressing news we face on a daily basis.

Ultimately the recently expired taco cheese was relocated to Ami’s actual next door neighbor, who used it to make a casserole. It was a beautiful fuck you to both the grumps on Nextdoor, and the people who determine expiration dates on dairy packaging.

As of publishing time the thread is still going strong, facilitating puns and plans to make meals for the homeless using shared leftovers, quieting the grouches … if you can brielieve it.

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