Nog-ocado, Natalie's Footwear, and Piling onto Noah's Ark

SFoodie's roundup of tips, news, and rants from the week in animal-free eats.

  • Over on the PPK, vegan goddess Isa Chandra Moskowitz posted a recipe for a vegan nog that includes avocado. I don't know 'bout all that but the lady is super talented so it's probably the tastiest. Try it and report back?
  • Last year, America's factory farms used over 29 million pounds of antibiotics. That is just fucking super scary. With all the hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics in our meat, pretty soon kids will start growing full beards by the time they're 5. And I'm just talking about the girls! Of course, that's if the common cold doesn't get them first.
  • So, Natalie Portman is vegan and she's in ads for some Dior perfume and so they made her custom vegan shoes to wear in it. This might be a case for all vegans to get famous: free shit from designers. I mean, I'll do pretty much anything for some free stuff. Besides work. Hell, I'd get naked and shimmy down Market Street for a free Jamba Juice. And that's for the 12-ounce size. I legally can't type what I'd do for 24 ounces. Point is, celebs! They're just like us!
  • Good Housekeeping is releasing a vegan cookbook! If that doesn't signify some sort of mainstream acceptance, I don't know what does. Or wait, does this mean veganism has jumped the shark? GAH! We can't win!
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