Non-Gross Raw Food Classes, Vegan Deep-Dish in Alameda, and Vegan Bodybuilders!

• Vegan bodybuilders featured in the New York Times. They're huge and scary and fairly-awesome. Proof that you can get yoked without the yolks. HA! Also, where's my article? I'm proof that you can get hella chubs and adorable without animal protein. WHERE'S MY PARADE, HUH? Oh well, at least I've got a badge.

• Check out this YouTube video from some Danish game show where some people are taken aback to learn that pork comes from pigs. SHOCKING EXPOSÉ: Pork comes from pigs! You heard it here first. Also, Danish is my best guess. I actually have no clue what it is or what language they're speaking in. I'm a product of the American school system, what do you want? Socrates? Sorry, you got Forrest Gump.

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