Nostra Spaghetteria and Bar Mia Open on Valencia, Sept. 1

The former Plin is set to relaunch next Tuesday as Nostra Spaghetteria and Bar Mia. “Ours” and “mine” in Italian — Mia is also the name of Chef Alexander Alioto’s daughter — the new project aims to serve a “customized, make-your-own-pasta menu” along with classic cocktails, the explicit intention of which is to make things more “accessible” than Plin.

[jump] Unless we’re talking about obscure regional delicacies, “accessible” usually means “cheaper,” and Nostra Spaghetteria’s prices did indeed take a small step down from Plin’s, with appetizers from $9-$12, pastas from $12-$18, and entrees $19-$22. You’ll find dishes such as grilled octopus ($12) and fried chicken ($23), along with desserts such as homemade doughnuts with TCHO chocolate and vanilla sauces ($8).

But Nostra Spaghetteria’s customizable pasta menu seems the most fun. Starting from four categories (pasta, sauce, vegetables, and protein), diners can go with any of nine different pastas (pappardelle, gnocchi, etc.), sauces (vodka, pork ragu) and meats such as calamari, chicken, pancetta, pork sausage, and braised oxtail.

Nostra will retain Sunday brunch, while Bar Mia will be an Amaro-heavy cocktail spot with two happy hours (3-7 p.m. and 10 p.m. – midnight) to bracket the evening off. When a bar manager is named Adam Mardigras, you know it’s going to be a party, and a special bar bites menu with fried pardon peppers, turkey meatballs, and fried pickles guarantees it. And the interior will get a new mural designed by Chris Lux.

Chef Alioto’s surname is probably tied more inextricably with San Francisco’s culinary and political history than any other. Having worked at Italy’s two-star Michelin-rated Ristorante San Domenico and the French Laundry, and later opening Nob Hill’s Seven Hills, he’s developed a reputation in excess of his storied family. Hopefully what’s his is ours is mine is yours.

Nostra Spaghetteria and Bar Mia, 280 Valencia, 415-655-9510.

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