November 2010 Openings & Closures: Roast Meats In, Markets Out

November brought on a rush of restaurants who pushed to open before the holiday bonanza season. Several were lower-priced spinoffs of tony restaurants, while others were additional locations (or relaunches) of familiar names. On the closure side, the more disturbing note was the shuttering of markets in a time when common wisdom says people are cooking at home more.  (All the items on this list were pulled from SFoodie's daily Buzz Machine column.)


• Ian Marks' meat-friendly, charcuterie-loving, small-plates-serving Beast and the Hare, 1001 Guerrero, 821-1001

• The stripped down, more casual version of Elizabeth Faulkner's Citizen Cake Pacific Heights, 2125 Fillmore, 861-2228,

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