Old Oak Becomes Almanac Beer Co., Plans February Release

When Brian Yaeger introduced SFoodie readers to Old Oak Beer Co. a couple months back, the much-anticipated “farm-to-barrel” ale was waiting patiently in oak wine barrels, mingling with fresh Sonoma County blackberries. While nothing has changed about the beer company's vision and product, there has been one notable update: the name. After learning about a potential trademark issue with the Old Oak moniker, the duo behind the label settled on a preemptive name change, and Almanac Beer Co. was born (again). The inspiration for the new name came from the company's goal of integrating locally farmed ingredients into the craft brewing process. Just as a farmer's almanac provides an annual record of the harvest, weather, and tides, Almanac Beer Co. aims to capture local terroir by weaving seasonal and local products into its suds.

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