Once Exclusive, RN74's Burger Is Now a Door Buster

How things change. In late 2009, Michael Mina and Rajat Parr's RN74 was still national-media feature material, after opening in the spring. News leaked of a fabulously recherché burger, available only in RN74's owners' lounge, reserved for the Eloi who owned condos in Millennium Tower, up the elevator shaft from the restaurant. Rich Baumert, then managing director of New York's Millennium Partners, the building's owner, talked about all-access to RN74 and its burger as if it were a perk of ownership, like a free Sunday Times subscription. “It is the hottest restaurant in the city of San Francisco, period,” Baumert said. Grub Street tracked down Mina himself, who said bluntly that the condo-less rabble clamoring for chef Jason Berthold's $19 burger would just have to find something else to eat. Grub Street:

“We really have a restaurant concept that we want to keep the way it is,” [Mina] told us last night at the Condé Nast Traveler Reader's Choice Awards dinner in New York. “I love the fact that it's a great burger, but we want people to order what the chef there, Jason Berthold, [is] really known for. Honestly, it works out perfectly. Right now our prime beef… we only get enough of it [to make a few burgers].”

Well, it looks like somebody upped the meat order.

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