OPENrestaurant and 18 Reasons Pair Up for Pickles. And Art

18 Reasons, the nonprofit art and food arm of Bi-Rite Market, is offering a few opportunities to get your cure on.

Next Monday, 18 Reasons is collaborating with foodie art collective OPENrestaurant for the first installment of a two-part curing workshop, focusing on Mediterranean pickles. After marinating your brains in artist Jen Smith's quirkily named 8-minute conceptual short film “Oh I Limp Concise Sadism!” you'll get hands on and make a variety of Mediterranean-themed pickles, including cured lemons, capers, and fennel. These pickles, as well as salt-cured fish that will be made at a second event on Nov. 3, will be used at OPENrestaurant's upcoming event OPENwater, Nov. 13-14 (location TBD). OPENwater will explore issues around water usage and access in the Bay Area, with two seated dinners, lectures, workshops, and artist installations.

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