Orson On The Brain: Early Observations, Dos And Don'ts

The bizarrely enticing combination of SoMa night spot and culinary laboratory known as Orson opened late last week after a ton of googly-eyed local foodie speculation about the unlikely flavor pairings, the twist of molecular gastronomy and the nonhierarchical menu power structure: yes, you can eat appetizers (known as “teasers” and “shorts”) all night if you like. No, you don't have to order an entree at all. Hell, have a dessert first, and if you like your desserts to taste a little less like dessert and a little more like breakfast try the “pigwich” — a pizzelle ice cream sandwich with maple bacon ice cream.

First impression are slowly dribbling onto the internet today and Becks & Posh offers particularly keen early observations (“only a whisker short of perfect”) and 12 dos and don't for enjoying Orson. Here are some favorites:

  • “Don't go to Orson if you think molecular gastronomy is totally stupid before you've even tried it.”

  • “Do make sure you order the light smoked fish, black rice, keffir lime, bacon which was the star dish of our evening.”

    That's a definite yes for me. Can't wait to check it out.

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