Out with the Kids: Goat Hill Pizza's Neighborhood Mondays

A family night out for pizza is supposed to be an easy meal, but rarely is. The main issue: topping differences. My oldest daughter wants ham and pineapple while my youngest actually likes vegetables (damned California kids). My wife prefers it plain, and me? Just give me four slices topped with some type of pork product and I'm happy. The only thing we all agree on is that chicken and pizza have about as much business together as Michael and Lisa Marie. Our solution is to rochambeau it to see who gets to pick the toppings. But after sodas, tax, and tip, $45 is an awfully lot to pay for a meal that leaves 50 percent of my family dissatisfied.

Neighborhood night at Goat Hill Pizza solves our dilemma. Every Monday from 4 to 10 p.m., the Potrero Hill pizzeria becomes a kind of dim sum parlor, only instead of wheeling out an assortment of bao and shu mai, the servers make the rounds with an astonishing variety of pizzas.

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