Oy, the Jewish High Holy Days! Here Are Three Takeout Options

Let's face it: The Jewish High Holy Days are pretty stressful. (Note to goyim regarding the High Holy Days: Rosh Hashanah ― New Year ― starts tomorrow, Sept. 8, at sundown; Yom Kippur ― the Day of Atonement ― rolls in on Sept. 17 at sundown.) You spend hours in temple celebrating the New Year only to be forced, just one week later, to acknowledge what a total asshole you've been. On top of that, you've got meals to plan. Lots of them. You're either stuck cooking for relatives that you usually feel guilty about avoiding, or you schnor off of friends, who inevitably still ask you to bring a pan of kugel and a bottle of crummy kosher wine. Deep breath. Relax. Avoid the mishigas with these excellent takeout options.

Having your heymish mishpocheh over? Give Miller's East Coast Delicatessen a call for its straightforward versions of chopped liver, brisket with gravy and potato, or sweet noodle kugel. For your ” break the fast” needs, Miller's has the widest selection of smoked fish in town, from belly lox and kippered salmon to pickled herring, and will arrange up to four choices on a platter along with everything you need to stuff your 24 hour-starved punim.

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