Pal's Takeaway Begins Serving TV Dinners

Pal's Takeaway, the permanent popup on 24th Street whose sandwiches the SF Weekly has loved up on numerous occasions, has come up with a new product to sell: take-home TV dinners. Yep, the kind that come in compartmentalized aluminum containers covered in foil. Starting this week, every Thursday Pal's owner Jeff Mason is going to make up a batch of TV dinners to sell for $12 apiece.

But, Mason writes, he's not spending his days dicing carrots into precise cubes to toss with organic peas. The menu for his first TV dinner: Brined and roasted chicken breast with maple vinegar sauce. Smashed Red Lasota potatoes (from Full Belly Farms) with black olives, pimentón, and parsley. And sautéed Riverdog Farms rainbow chard with golden raisins.

Pal's closes at 2:30 p.m., but Tony's Market (2751 24th St.), which houses the sandwich counter, will continue selling the dinners for people coming home from work.

SFoodie asked Mason how the TV dinners should be reheated. “In the oven only,” he wrote back. “Microwaves are good for drying damp socks.”

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