Panchita's #3 Under Fire, Francis Ford Coppola Sues, Hakkasan Heads to S.F., and More

The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene.

A growing number of S.F. restaurants are having a hard time figuring out the easy fact that they need to pay employees properly. Mission Local has news on the latest restaurant under fire: Panchita #3, which was the site of a protest yesterday evening. Could this be another lawsuit?

Speaking of, here's a way to avoid suing people — don't trademark common phrases. Inside Scoop reports, via Bloomberg, that Francis Ford Coppola is suing the Novato restaurant Tavola Italian Kitchen over the phrase “a tavola,” which means “to the table” and is a reference to family-style dining. Coppola claims ownership of the phrase and probably also wants a dollar every time anyone is appointed a newly baptized child's “godfather.”

Soon you'll be able to buy expensive Chinese food in S.F. Inside Scoop confirms the fancy-pants international restaurant-chain Hakkasan will indeed open a location at One Kearny — they've even started construction. No opening date as of yet.

Throwing flour: While Eater SF notes La Boulange looks to continue its baked-goods expansion into the Sunset District, Inside Scoop reports Arizmendi Bakery is looking to keep it out of the neighborhood. Not enough carb eaters out there?

Starting on Monday, Maestro, the French-American restaurant will soft open for lunch. Eater SF give a sneak peek at their soft launch menu — expect everything from escargot to burgers (555 Golden Gate at Van Ness).

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