Papito's Pollo Empanizado Quesadilla Brings New Promise To A College Staple

The quesadilla has become a staple of late night drunken consumption. Frat boys the nation over have staved off the gnarliest of hangovers with hunks of cheese, possibly smothered in Sriracha, sandwiched between two crisply grilled circles of tortilla.

It's a simple, filling staple of Tex-Mex cuisine, one you might have gotten used to ignoring on menus with a more dynamic set of dishes. Papito's, the Mexican little brother of the Chez Papa/Chez Maman family, has married the classic finesse present in so many of their traditionally French-tinged dishes to this lowest common denominator of chow. The result is rather special.

The tiny, brightly lit space on Potrero Hill offers up a wide variety of quesadillas to dig in to. For first-time diners, we suggest the three hefty triangles of the Pollo Empanizado. From its arrival at your copper-topped table, the quesadilla outdoes its traditional brethren. There's no greasy, floppy cheese pancake here. Instead, its three wedges of La Palma's tortilla, grilled to a flaky crisp, stuffed to bursting with ample chunks of deeply fried chicken, vibrant purple cabbage slaw, the requisite amount of gooey cheese, and a thick smudge of guacamole. 

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