Partisan Breadmaking: Baking Up a President at Feel Good Bakery

If you're the type who'd rather be caught dead than drinking 7-Eleven coffee, but still want to show your support for your favorite presidential candidate (the convenience store chain claims that their unofficial coffee cup poll has successfully predicted the presidencial winner in the last three elections), you're in luck: Feel Good Bakery in Alameda is selling loaves of sourdough bread stenciled with the likenesses of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The bakery's employees make their own stencils cut from thick paper, and then dust on cocoa powder before the bread bakes to set the design. In the past they've stenciled Giants and A's logos onto their triple levain loaf, as well as spooky spiders and other items for Halloween. Even better, they say that they're open to customers bringing in their own stencils for a surcharge.

Today the candidates' breads sit side-by-side, next to a handwritten slogan: “May the best loaf win!” In case you were wondering, Obama bread is outselling Romney bread.

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