Permit-Free Bees, Tip Pooling, and Hot Sauce Bars: This Week in Food Bloggery

1. If you ever want to start a fight in a bar in San Francisco, don't hit on somebody's partner. (Which is more likely to get you a three-way than bruised knuckles.) Tell them you think their favorite cafe sucks. W. Blake Gray wades into the melee this week by listing the five best cafes in San Francisco

2. Two things SFoodie learned from Caroline Chen's article about beekeeping in San Francisco: 1. This regulation-giddy city doesn't have any rules about how and where you can set up a beehive. 2. City honey is cleaner than country honey. Why? Fewer pesticides.

3. In a city dominated by OpenTable, the Microsoft of online reservations companies, how come none of the high-end Chinese restaurants use the site? No answers, only questions.

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