Planning for SF Beer Week Day 6: Gypsies and Nostalgia

SF Beer Week is officially half way over. By this point, you've become something of a gypsy yourself: a beer nomad who wanders between tastings and beer dinners, you haven't changed your clothes, shaved or showered in five days. You've come to resemble Jack Sparrow, but with less eyeliner and, somehow, more booze on your breath.

To honor the release of your inner vagabond, meander through your day sampling beers from 'gypsy brewers' who brew on borrowed time at other established breweries:

Gypsy Beer Tasting

Where: Alembic, 1725 Haight St. (at Shrader), 666-0822
When: Wednesday, February 15th, 12pm
Cost: pay per drink
What: Enjoy a curated selection of beers from various gypsy breweries, including local favorites Almanac Beer Co.

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