Presenting the Seoul Patch Sports Bar and Grill

The Seoul Patch Sports Bar and Grill at Dear Mom

Where: Dear Mom, at 16th and Harrison

When: Friday, July 20, 4 p.m to last call (around 1:30 a.m.)

Cost: No cover, $10-$13 entrees, and $2-$4 appetizers

The Rundown: We knew Seoul Patch can do some killer Korean fusion. Turns out Chef Eric Ehler knows a little something about bar food too. We love Seoul Patch for their fried chicken sando, but this Friday, Ehler is throwing down a whole new menu. Originally from the Midwest, Ehler modeled his menu on the bar menus he knows oh so well. “Bar menus are really random with different foods that don't have any business being on the same menu. But they are,” he says.

Hence the eclectic lineup of foods like chips and salsa, shrimp scampi, and peach mochi cake that Ehler will serve on Friday. He's still making focused and delicious food, but he also wants to make it fun. This is the kind of the food Ehler wants to eat when he's having a good time.

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