Q&A with Cheryl Burr and Chris Beerman, Part 2: On Burgers, Pickles, and 100-Hour Weeks

Chris Beerman and Cheryl Burr are friends and business partners, co-owners of the almost two-year-old, Americana-themed Citizens Band and Pinkie's Bakery.

The pair found the space their restaurant and bakery now reside in through a tip from 4505 Meats' Ryan Farr — though he passed it along with the warning, “You don't want it, it's really gross.” It took a DIY ethic and a lot of elbow grease to make their joint venture come together. In part one of this interview, Beerman and Burr talked about how they met, and tomorrow they'll share a favorite recipe.

How much has your menu or your approach changed since you opened?

BEERMAN: I would say it's changed a lot. We're still do a lot of testing and a lot of experimentation with food and cooking techniques, but at the same time, I have to make sure to give people what they love. I've really grown to respect the people that come and eat here-people come and eat my food. I'm humbled by that.

What menu items have been mainstays?

BEERMAN: The burger, fried chicken, and mac and cheese. We've toyed with them a little bit here and there, but we've pretty much gone back to the original because they work and people seem to like them.

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