Quince's Rum and Cheese Pairing Is Good for the Rum

Quince restaurant continues its series of cheese and spirit pairings this week with rum and artisan cheese ($36, available only in the bar and lounge). While Quince's first effort, Scotch and cheese, is a somewhat established coupling, rum and cheese is far more esoteric.

That makes it intriguing.

Quince's team tasted six rums with 16 cheeses to come up with the three pairings, and one antipairing you won't get to taste. Pairing “with cow's milk [cheese] just isn't worth it,” says Katrina Parlato, Quince's general manager. “The rum turns the milk sour. It's completely bitter on the finish. Sheep and goat milk [cheeses] were best.”

The pairings that made the cut? Here you go:

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