Rainbow Grocery Votes to Kill Midweek Discounts

Let the outrage begin. After Mission Loc@l reported today that Rainbow Grocery workers voted to kill the store-clogging midweek discounts, at least one unnamed worker is telling SF Weekly reporter Lauren Smiley that getting rid of the 20-percent discounts is a mistake. Smiley:

The worker said she thinks getting rid of the discount is a major mistake: “It's been a community thing. The customers are happy when they get [the coupons].” She thought that Whole Foods is probably celebrating the news, hoping to nab some of the customers who will no longer have an incentive to go to the locally owned Rainbow.

Read the full post at SFooodie's sister news blog, The Snitch. Then ravage any phone book you can find for any remaining coupons. While you still can.

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