Relax, the Gross-Sounding Replacement for Hapa Ramen Is Just a Pop-Up

Earlier today, the inestimable Uptown Almanac posted a pic this menu in the former Hapa Ramen space. The fleur-de-lys doesn't portend the return of Hubert Keller, but definitely refers to New Orleans (you can see the crawfish, Sazerac, and beignets on the menu). A little sleuthing revealed that it's only a pop-up, not the permanent replacement to Hapa Ramen.

Spokeswoman Lisa Nourse told SF Weekly by email that “Thus far, the owner/operators have hosted crawfish boils, pan Asian dinners, and a bao dinner. They haven't made any decisions about the space's future.”

[jump] And tomorrow night, 2293 Mission will be hosting another one called, um, Mooseknuckle. It's $49 and it's Canadian, with poutine, a Montreal smoked brisket and Douglas fir frozen custard. (The paired cocktails have names like “Nice Guy, Eh?” and “Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen”.) While “Mooseknuckle” is definitely nomenclature straight out the hipster self-parody ouroboros vortex, I don't remember anyone objecting to Big Sky Brewing's Moose Drool Brown Ale, which I personally think is way grosser.

And anyway, it's a one-off. When we hear of what's going in for realsies, we'll definitely keep you posted.

[Via Uptown Almanac]

Mooseknuckle, Saturday, May 23, 7:30 p.m., at 2293 Mission St., 415-231-6267.

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