Right-Wing News Site Dismisses Coastal Elites, Hawks Central Coast Wine

The Daily Caller, amid incessant shrieking about "liberal elites," sells $90 sets of "Les Deplorables" Central Coast Chardonnay and Cabernet. You know, to the Real Americans out there.

Founded by hyper-bro Tucker Carlson, who’s apparently the new Bill O’Reilly now, the Daily Caller is one of those right-wing news sites that exists to monetize hatred against the liberal elite. By hammering home the point that everybody who lives between Telegraph Avenue and the Hudson River are the “Real Americans” while denizens of the coast are some sort of alien species that exists solely to oppress said Real Americans, the Daily Caller foments tribalistic resentment against this imagined boogeyman.

If one definition of contemporary conservatism is “The opposite of whatever liberals want today, updated daily,” then we might also add “… in order to make a ton of money, no matter how hypocritical.”

That’s because the site is now selling that choice of grizzled forklift operators and unemployed coal miners everywhere: Central Coast Chardonnay (and Cab). Toast your significant other with a sarcastic “Thanks, Obama!” by joining the Daily Caller‘s wine club, where you can get $15 bottles of 306 Wine.

Hmm, 306. Where have we heard that number before? Well, it’s described as

a reminder of the number of electoral votes that President Donald Trump won on November 8th, 2016. Your trophy for your victory in the great election of 2016 has arrived. When dawn broke, our flag was still there and we turned our map red. Hard fought? Yes. Time to celebrate? Oh yeah. Buy some to drink and keep one for the mantel.

First of all, that was almost eight months ago. If you’re still celebrating, you need to take a break. Secondly, I was unaware that Real Americans even had mantels. Aren’t they using the oven to heat their homes because job-killing regulations make it impossible to mine coal and exchange it for firewood, and it’s also really cold inside because climate change is a hoax?

But don’t stop there. You can also get a $90 “Basket of Deplorables” six-pack. I freely admit that this is pretty clever, although the description couldn’t be more obnoxious:

Buy for yourself to celebrate your victory with emphasis. Or give as a gift to your favorite fellow Deplorable. Even better, send some as a cheeky gift to your progressive friends who you know will just love it. All of this in a great value, 3 bottles of high quality Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon and 3 bottles of exceptional Chardonnay.

Did you ever suspect that just-plain-sticking-it-to-people is a core virtue among some quarters on the right? Here’s the proof. Yes, by all means, give your “friends” the “gift” of being an insufferable sore winner, months after the fact. Maybe they can reciprocate by re-gifting you that same bottle of wine, only this time wrapped in a print-out of Pres. Donald Trump’s shitty poll numbers. And, as Salon points out, when the Daily Caller says “your money goes to ‘combating left-wing media bias,’ what they really mean is that ‘you give us money and we keep that money because we’re a for-profit company.’ ”

Also, in case you’re wondering, both wines are blends.

In any event, it’s always nice when the curtain gets pulled back and right-wing media is revealed as the money-making enterprise — with some auxiliary bullshit-peddling — that it really is. Conspicuous consumption rooted in noxious tribalism is their true M.O., and it’s all in service of a myth that they represent the everyman. 

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