Roamin' Cannoli Makes Sophomore Outing Today at Off The Grid

If you're having lunch at Off The Grid's Civic Center event today (11 a.m.-2 p.m.), save some room for dessert. It'll be your second chance to get a cannolo from new street vendor Roamin' Cannoli before she changes locations because of the regular rotation of vendors. Owner Olivia Pilz took advantage of OTG organizer Matt Cohen's rent-a-truck for aspiring street food entrepreneurs to launch her new business.

If you've heard that last name before, it's because she's the wife of William Pilz, the talented chef and proprietor of Filipino food truck Hapa SF. Olivia makes nontraditional versions of cannoli ($4 each), with unique fillings like her signature goat cheese and mascarpone; lemon meringue; white chocolate cream with raspberries; blueberry cheesecake; and dark chocolate espresso. The ends are topped with chopped Tcho dark chocolate, fresh fruit, or graham cracker crumbs. Each is filled to order so the shells remain fresh and crispy. Husband and wife rent space at La Victoria Bakery as their base of operations. We love small family-run businesses. Check Facebook for location updates.

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