Roland's Bagels Guy Suing Terra Bakery

Looks like the situation is messier than a cream-cheese-and-jelly bagel at Terra in Hayes Valley ― bagel maker Philip Roland recently departed, just weeks after the place opened, and months after leaving the Lower Haight after a landlord dispute. In an e-mail today, Rolands' partner, Jennifer Westmoreland, raised the specter of a lawsuit, presumably against Terra's Susan Lui. Westmoreland: “Unfortunately Phil and I were not able to provide the same quality customer service and baked good as we did in the Lower Haight, so we left. At this time I cannot give details because we are pending a lawsuit over ownership, the use of Phil's name and unetical [sic] business practice. We are currently looking for a new spot and will keep everyone updated.” She asked that we mention that the duo are seeking new investors. Done.

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