Rosamunde's or Show Dogs? Our Beer Guy Weighs In

Roll over, Rosamunde's. In the competition for alpha-dog status in the wieners-and-beer world, Show Dogs (1020 Market at Golden Gate) makes a few compelling arguments over Mission newcomer Rosamunde's (2832 Mission at 24th St.). For starters, unlike the sausage slingers at Rosamunde's, the staff at Show Dogs clearly doesn't mind if you call its tubular tasties “hot dogs.” What's more, Show Dogs' condiments aren't limited to the peppers-onions-sauerkraut-chilies spread that results in so much same-y-ness at Rosamunde's. Show Dogs tailors its toppings to the dogs: smoked chicken-apple with house mustard and apple-ginger chutney, organic duck sausage with pasilla barbecue sauce and kimchi, even custom blue cheese sauce and arugula for the house-pickled hot link. And Show Dogs suggests beer pairings. Taps include Speakeasy Prohibition Pale Ale, 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat, and Deschutes Black Butte Porter, that last one recommended for the hot link (though New Belgium's new Ranger IPA might've been a better fit). And even though Show Dogs offers fewer taps and sausages than Rosamunde's does, and prices are a buck or so higher, the combination of original toppings and happy hour prices ($3 drafts between 4 and 7 p.m.) makes it a contender for pack supremacy.

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