Roundup: The Experts Help You Drink Champagne (As If You Needed Help)

Not long ago, every December brought a cluster of articles in the food media on how to pick an inexpensive, non-Champagne sparkling wine for a party. First it was cava, then prosecco, then crémant. This year, the wine world is flush again with love for actual, appellation-contrôllée Champagne ― grower Champagne, small-production Champagne, even big-name $$$ bottles. SFoodie is quite all right with that. We love Champagne. If they came out with Champagne pony kegs, we'd have a glass for dinner every night.

If you, like SFoodie, are going to leave work early this afternoon to buy a bottle of Champagne in order to chill it by the time you leave for tomorrow's parties, here are this year's articles about what to buy:

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