Russell Brand and Kristen Wiig Are Sexy, Spam Is Evil, and S.F.'s Best Vegan Junk Food

This news is from last week but I was in Greece and Russia (WHAT'S UP I HAVE A PASSPORT) so I'm gonna talk about it anyway, okay? Okay! Also, I've got mad jet lag, a nasty cold, and a really bad attitude. Things could get extra real today and I apologize in advance/YOU'RE WELCOME.

• So! SFoodie's Luis Chong found this amazing-looking avocado shake in the Mission. Looks like I know what I'm bingeing on this weekend! Oh, and the Bold Italic has a good bit of business up on the best vegan junk food in S.F.. Agree with its selections? Disagree? Who wants to have an eat-off? I will eat you out of your eating pants. EW WHATEVER, PERV. But really, call me.

Mercy for Animals releases yet another soul-destroying bit of footage taken in an Iowa factory farm. As Megan Rascal says on Vegansaurus, “Warning: Graphic as fuck.” But seriously, if you eat animals, you should watch it, because you should know where your food comes from, right? Enjoy those baby-back ribs!

• Russell Brand and Kristen Wiig are PETA's sexiest celebrity vegetarians. Another thing they have in common? Names that took me five times to spell correctly. Congrats to them!

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