Ryan Farr: The Turducken Master Trains His Sights on Prime Rib

One thing's certain: These days, it doesn't suck being Ryan Farr. When the 4505 Meats proprietor conducts a pair of Whole Hog butchery classes this Sunday at La Cocina (2948 Folsom at 25th St.), students will experience more than instruction in the dos and don'ts of hacking a hog. They'll be in the presence of a growing foodlebrity with national buzz. The December cover of Food & Wine features Farr's prime rib, following recent love in the New York Times. Farr's not shy in his attempts at monetizing the exposure — he hopes to start taking holiday orders for that coverlicious prime rib (hams, too) sometime next week.

Last week, 4505 sold 25 turduckens — 15 more than last Thanksgiving (they sold within two days). “Everybody wanted them this year,” Farr told SFoodie. And there's no telling how many of the poultry mashups he could have sold, at $200 or $250 each, depending on size. “I capped it out. That's all we could handle with our current production ability.” Meaning one full timer and one part-time employee — each turducken takes up to six hours to bone and stuff.

For more info on the $100 Whole Hog classes (start times are 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Dec. 6, and last three hours), stop by the 4505 Meats Website. To reserve, leave a message at meats@4505meats.com, specifying the time you want.

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