Saigon Sandwich Is Still Mopping, Original Joe's Is Still Planning to Return (Really)

Today in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene.

Inside Scoop tells a story of deferred maintenance at the-still-temporarily-closed Saigon Sandwich(es). Our own Jonathan Kauffman isn't waiting.

Scoop also catches word that the by-now-mythical-as-unicorns Original Joe's (which shuttered in 2007 following a fire) will take over the former Joe DiMaggio's Italian Chophouse at 601 Union (at Stockton) in North Beach. ETA: fall 2011.

Grub Street notices a liquor license application in the window of Hayes Valley taqueria Marino (579 Hayes, at Laguna). Name on the paperwork: Two Sisters Bar and Books. SFoodie imagines a queer women-owned tavern, with Adrienne Rich readings and Rachel Maddow cocktails. But that's just us.

Meanwhile, somebody just can't keep their hand out of the tip jar at Café Divis (Haighteration).

And finally, file this Inside Scoop post under People Who Should Stop Writing Restaurant Reviews. Give it up, Willie. Don't you have a matinee to catch?

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