Saint Benoît's Yogurt Cheese: Another Ferry Building Pleasure

Saint Benoît, known for exceptional craft yogurt made in the Eurpean style, has expanded their use of “culture” to a new domain, cheese. They make two.

The base cheese is a simple “yogurt cheese,” packed in the same ceramic vessel they use for their yogurt.

Thick as kindergarten glue paste, the cheese is similar in texture to cream cheese. The flavor is similar as well, but with a more developed character. The cheese exhibits more subtly and nuance, with haunting notes of flavor hitting the rear of one's palate. Tiny tickles of citrus, and a light herbaceous character, are just discernible.

Clearly an exceptional recipe addition or alternative to cream cheese on a toasted New York bagel, the cheese also goes exceptionally well with pepper jellies, like those from INNA jam.

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