Saison is Moving, Doggie Diner to Crumble, and an Eight-Year Wait

The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene.

Grub Street reports Saison is on the move. After Food & Wine posted chef Joshua Skenes's profile with the news, Grub shared that it's headed to the Financial District or Jackson Square. Skenes and partner Mark Bright say the pop-up restaurant has outgrown the space behind Stable Cafe, and are looking for somewhere that'll allow a much larger hearth. They plan to sign a lease in about six months.

Doggone, the building's a goner. The former Doggie Diner in the Outer Sunset has been empty for years, and while the towering dachshund sign became an official landmark in 2005 (it moved to Sloat at 45th Ave.), Inside Scoop reports, via the Ocean Beach Bulletin, the actual diner is heading toward demolition. If no discretionary complaint is filed by July 8, the building will come down and the lot will likely become another Sloat Garden space. Goodbye, bygone era.

Also from Grub Street, after an eight-year wait for permits, Paul Meeriyagerd is on his way to opening House 530 at 530 Valencia. Meeriyagerd, who owns both Thai House Express restaurants with his parents, is renovating the former laundromat/1970s punk rock venue the Deaf Club into an Asian eatery. Look for an opening this July.

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