Salumeria: Come for the Sandwich, Stay for the Potato Salad (And Maybe Another Sandwich)

Judging by the number of customers devouring sandwiches and heading back for seconds, the upcoming Salumeria deli and sandwich shop should have no problem winning over a crowd. During a three-hour lunchtime pop-up the Flour + Water offshoot held today at the Window, foodies had the chance to preview a few choice items before Salumeria's April 26 opening.

On offer were two sandwiches, both built for carnivores. The first featured lonza (cured pork loin, similar to prosciutto but leaner) served on a baguette with pantaleo cheese, arugula, and a fava bean purée. It looked good, but the friendly gal at the counter assured SFoodie that the second sandwich, the roast beef, was “definitely where it's at.”

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