San Francisco Chronicle Misses Out on the Street Food Festival

We called Saturday's Street Food Festival San Francisco's most important food event of the year.

Street food is the food trend of 2011. It has become part of the cultural fabric of San Francisco; it is to this generation what rock 'n roll was to baby boomers. You could tell by the 50,000 or so people crowded into a few blocks of the Mission on Saturday.

But the San Francisco Chronicle Food section apparently missed the memo.

The food section is so important to the Chronicle — and has such a large staff — that it has its own building with a test kitchen and wine cellar. I know, I used to work there. Knowing how extensive the paper's resources are, it was puzzling that last week it devoted just one two-paragraph item to the festival, and that repeated a laughable error.

We contacted the Chronicle to ask its reasoning and chatted with two editors, but both said they were not authorized to speak for the paper. So while we wait for executive vice president and editor Ward Bushee to get back to us, let's take a quick look at what the Chronicle wrote about last week instead of the Street Food Festival.

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