San Francisco's Top 8 Fake Meat Sandwiches

As American cities go, San Francisco is certainly one of the easiest to be vegetarian or vegan in. Proof of this is the wealth of restaurants and cafes serving, not just veggie options, but a whole variety of incredible imitation meats that make it extraordinarily easy to quit eating your furry friends. Here are our eight favorite fake meat sandwiches in the city. 

8. Boogaloo's
3296 22nd St. (at Valencia)

We all know Boogaloo's does some of the greatest breakfasts in the city, but have you tried their lunch options lately? Their huge “Fake Stake” sandwich is super satisfying, but what we really love is the fact that someone here had the good sense to give the option of adding fake stake to their grilled cheese-n-tomato. Throw some avocado on that bad boy and you have pretty much the perfect sandwich.

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