San Francisco's Top Five Hot Dogs

Like Shakespeare plays, biblical parables, and that damn Pachelbel's Canon, the hot dog is the theme on which a million variations are played. The frankfurter has been upscaled and deep-fried, pressed into lettuce as well as Acme rolls. SFoodie has eaten dogs in San Francisco covered in blue cheese, seaweed and furikake, kimchi, and Thai curry (the latter: vomitous). Here are our favorites.

5. Classic Chicago dog. Da Beef, 300 Seventh St. (at Folsom),

Is the Chicago-style hot dog a sandwich or a salad? The very proper Chicago-style frank Yvonne Long and Natalie McMahon serve from their silvery street cart comes with more produce than most Midwesterners eat for dinner: onions, fresh tomatoes, a pickled cucumber, sport peppers, and the official “neon green” relish.

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