SATURDAY: See the World’s Largest Nachos Get Built

You're gonna need some calories after saving the planet from Scott Pruitt's clutches this Earth Day.

Saturday is Earth Day, and the March for Science will run from Civic Center from Justin Herman Plaza that afternoon. Idk about you, but the thought of walking for almost two miles makes me faint with hunger, so it’s a good thing that later that afternoon, SoMa StrEat Food Park will be the site of an attempt to construct the world’s largest nachos: 5,000 pounds’ worth.

Caveat: This stunt is also publicity for Chirps Chips, which the entomophages — or insect-eaters — among us know contain the equivalent of one cricket per chip. But the previous record for largest nachos was only 4,689 pounds, and — corporate promotion or not — who doesn’t like to see man’s hubris brought low?

Apart from this very big afternoon snack containing more than one ton of cricket-flour tortilla chips, there will be an insect zoo, music, a bar, food trucks, and family-friendly entertainment. (There will also be 1,200 pounds of nacho cheese, 800 pounds of beans, 400 pounds of corn, 16 heat lamps, and a 70-foot “nacho trough.”) It’s $9 for a cricket ticket, which you can RSVP for here.

Noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says eating chili causes loss of brain function. So you should probably eat nachos instead!

World Record Attempt for the Largest-Ever Serving of Nachos, Saturday, April 22, 3-5 p.m., at SOMA StrEat Food Park, 428 11th St., $9,


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