Scene From Your Market Street La Boulange

Well, that didn't take long. 

Remember 2012, when we were still worrying about the deadly S-curve on the Bay Bridge and eating lemon poppyseed pound cakes with reckless abandon? Well, probably nobody thought the Old Bay Bridge would be standing and we'd live in a city without Les Boulanges. But dreams do die, and this was the scene at approximately 2 p.m. today as meth-freaks stripped every last copper wire and workers prepared to implode the La Boulange at 685 Market with nitroglycerine and a staggered series of linear charges.*

[jump] Just as when a middling celebrity dies and everyone's semi-sincerely posting frowny-faces on Facebook, I'm a little confused by the intensity of the public sadz. (It wasn't long ago that this intense takedown was making the rounds.) I get that it's the home team, a number of people are losing their jobs for no good reason, and Starbucks' little course correction was outright shitty, but I feel like the only person who didn't really like La Boulange all that much.

* No, not really.

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