Science of Cocktails 2014: Thinking While You're Drinking

For most people, scientific experiments with cocktails are limited to ongoing research projects such as, “How many beers does it take to me to dance (and not care what other people think)?” or “Will I truly be sicker if I have wine before liquor?” While noble pursuits all, the truth is that everyone always forgets to take notes, and the scientific methods used are suspect at best. And no, doing shots out of test tubes doesn't count as science.

Once again the folks at the Exploratorium, experts in making learning fun, are delivering real science and cocktails at their fourth annual Science of Cocktails. By matching a team of renegade scientists (ok, they're probably not renegades, but they are cool) with some of the Bay Area's best bartenders, they aim to reveal the truth behind what's at work inside your drink.

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2011 Exploratorium's Science of Cocktails Returns

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