Seed + Salt in the Marina is as Tasty as Gluten-Free Gets

In the space that used to belong to gelateria Tuttimelon comes an intriguing new breakfast-lunch-and-early-dinner spot, the vegan Seed + Salt. If you live in the Marina and your main eating criterion is either the welfare or animals or the avoidance of gluten, this could be your new haunt.

[jump] Here, the menu is full of savory chickpea frittatas, pimento mayo, cashew dill cream cheese, aged nut chevre, eggplant bacon, and other things that could woo carnivores away from the pleasures of the flesh. Seed + Salt’s mission runs toward the overuse of plus signs but is otherwise commendable:

Plant based + whole foods + ethical sourcing
NO gluten + NO dairy + NO trans fats + NO GMOs
Good fats + good sugars + delicious food NO kidding

I ordered a Powerhouse sandwich (black bean tempeh, chimichurri, flax mayo, lettuce, and pickled red onion on whole grain, gluten-free bread, for $14). The bread was wonderfully nutty and the chimichurri pleasantly vinegary, but it was on the tiny side and the portion of pickles didn’t even fill the 1.5-ounce cup. Aside from sandwiches made-to-order, there are rotating salads, soups and hot plates that you aren't going to find elsewhere (hello, millet, lentil rice, and mujadarra with sauteed nettles) along with conspicuously nutritious juices and smoothies from $8-$14.

It’s a lovely space, airy and easygoing, with nice wall art, two picnic tables, and a beautiful stereo. During days of intermittent clouds and sunshine like we are currently enjoying, it’s especially dramatic in there. The bathroom had a recently burnt bunch of sage above the sink, perhaps to expunge any ghosts of dairy consumption left over from Tuttimelon.

The only complication was that I am not the target audience for Seed + Salt, and not for some facile, reflexively anti-Marina reason. Were I vegan, or if I had serious food sensitivities (aside from nuts), I might find a more full-throated rave, but Seed + Salt is a lot of buck for the bang. It’s almost a given that this place will generate a hardcore fan base, and soon, but for $14 I simply need a bigger sandwich to keep me from ogling the former All-Star Donuts down the block. 72-hour granola made with raspberry chia jam, though? I’m coming back for that.

Seed + Salt, 2240 Chestnut, 872-9173.

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