Seeking Street-Food Vendors: Ashbury Market

The owner of Ashbury Market wants to spark a little street-food fire in Cole Valley. Earlier today, Resat Turgut tweeted that interested cart vendors looking for free kitchen space should hit him up. His idea? Give vendors a place to prep, in exchange for offering Ashbury Market's customers some new food options.

“We have a small kitchen that we haven't utilized properly, so I wanted to invite local food-cart operators ― or chefs ― to come in and utilize it for free,” Turgut said. Early in the day, the market at 205 Frederick (at Downey) serves Ritual coffee and sandwiches from its mini deli, but after 2 p.m., things go idle. Turgut figures that interesting cart vendors could generate a little business. Plus, he says, it could be cool for the neighborhood.

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