SF Beer Week Day 7: Letting Yourself Go

Even if you've been trying to pace yourself, SF Beer Week tends to get the best of you. It's only a matter of time before you throw caution to the wind and fully embrace your gluttonous side. Now that we're in the homestretch, it's time to jump on the calorie grenade. Abandon all regard for your physical wellbeing and indulge in these Thursday events:

For this romp through beer week candyland, you'll need to establish a base. Nothing screams “I'm letting myself go” more than binging on ice cream and donuts. Start off at Dynamo Donuts, where they'll be serving up a donut made with Almanac Beer Co.'s Winter Wit and glazed with a blend of brewer's malt and orange zest (available throughout beer week, 7am-5pm). If you've timed it right, you can take a short stroll to Humphry Slocombe for a flight of beer-infused ice creams, available each day of the week from noon to 9pm. By now you should be slipping into a diabetic coma. Don't fight it; sloth your way through the afternoon with a long nap.

Hopefully, you'll awake bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Or at least thirsty. Continue your day of reckless abandon with french fries soaked in gravy and cheese curds:

Nuit du Quebec

Where: Rosamunde Mission, 2832 Mission St. (at 24th), 970-9015

When: Thursday, February 16th, 5pm

Cost: pay per drink

What: A celebration of all things Canadian. Enjoy beers from Montreal brewers Unibroue and Dieu du Ciel while you gorge on 5 kinds of poutine, each topped with a variety of artery-clogging delights.

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